See “Abba’s Family Mission Statement” video by Bob Althoff: [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=6SUr_Sg7FNU width=640 height=360 anchor=View]

In collaboration with faith communities, housing providers, their residents, neighborhood associations and community philanthropists we are working to end long term homelessness and establish community inclusion for mentally ill men and women in Tulsa. The Housing Faith Alliance, a program of Abba’s Family, is building bridges of connectivity between the faith community and formerly homeless mentally ill men and women in different neighborhoods across Tulsa.

Formerly homeless individuals now live quietly in desirable housing in our neighborhoods and next door. Tulsa is heroically providing growing numbers of state of the art housing options never before available to these individuals. Many, however, are shy, lonely and afraid to reach out to others and do not have close friends or strong support systems. Many want to be a part of making their neighborhoods a better place to live. Many say that matters of faith and their relationship with God are very important to them. Faith communities want to reach out but do not know how. Stigma and fear are formidable challenges to overcome.

The HFA is building paths for the faith community and formerly homeless men and women to become partners for the good of the other and the development of a better neighborhood for all. Hand in hand, they are building community. The HFA seeks justice and mercy for the poor through the transformational power of faith infused relationships. The HFA is in collaboration with 20 or so faith communities in 5 different Tulsa neighborhoods and includes 12 different housing programs.