The Housing Faith Alliance is mobilizing faith communities to end homelessness and establish community inclusion for formerly homeless mentally ill adults. Efforts include:

  • Critical Transition Care Teams are made up of three to four individuals from a faith community who are trained and equipped by Abba’s Family to befriend long term homeless mentally ill individuals as they are housed. READ MORE
  • Neighborhood Acts of Kindness comprise teams of individuals from faith communities and formerly homeless mentally ill adults who come together and serve other needy individuals in their neighborhoods. READ MORE
  • Micro Businesses are enterprises which build relationships, provide livable wage incomes and create capacities to serve others in need. READ MORE

Abba’s Family at West Side Harvest Market: Abba’s Family professionals and volunteers join other non profits to provide crisis intervention, mental health triage and consultation to assist a Tulsa neighborhood. READ MORE

A Way Home for Tulsa: Abba’s Family, in collaboration with 15 other non profits and entities, is working to end chronic homelessness in Tulsa.
See “Pathways, A Blueprint for Ending Chronic Homelessness in Tulsa” Video: [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=Lp0zAijMi4Y width=640 height=480 anchor=VIEW]