Abba’s Family is a Christian organization…

  • Serving to transform the faith community
  • Influencing the faith community to become a relevant presence in the face of poverty
  • Helping to restore “community” to neighborhoods
  • Working to end homelessness among the mentally ill
  • Establishing inclusion and recovery for formerly homeless mentally ill men and women
  • Joining with individuals and neighborhoods to solve challenges in their neighborhoods
  • Reaching out to others to join us

View the Video “Abba’s Family – Past, Present and Future” by Bob Althoff, Executive Director [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=aZX8EIfluHU?rel=0 width=512 height=288 anchor=VIEW_VIDEO]

View the Video “Why should you become involved in the Housing Faith Alliance, a program
of Abba’s Family?” by Phillip Beatty
[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=fVapvh3SAq4 width=512 height=288 anchor=VIEW_VIDEO]